Mar. 31st, 2009

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[Faye's voice is a complicated and contradictory mix of weariness, energy, disbelief, hope, and joy]

...Well holy crap, we actually survived. Won, even! I missed the whole thing, how the hell did you guys do it?!

No, you know what, I don't even care. Are we- do we really get to go home?! Finally?! Sunset is not soon enough, aw hell, I'm gonna smoke half a box of cigarettes before then, at least.

...Otogi, thanks again for the Wish. I'm fairly sure you saved my ass. And thanks everyone else who, you know, fought and killed the bastards.

...It seems we lost a few. I'm surprised we didn't lose more but- well. ...I hope they're resting peacefully. They've earned it.

Are there really still people living on this world? ...Hell. Thank God for that. ...Guess I don't like the thought of the Earth being... empty. Don't envy them the rebuilding process, but- hell, now I'm babbling... need another fucking cigarette....

[a pause]

Oh God oh God I can't wait to get out of this place! Seriously, why sunset, can we leave now?! ...Warden, if you don't pull through on this I will shoot you dead. That goes for anyone else who stands between me and my ride out of here. I swear-!

[another short pause, then muffled swearing]

...Hell, if anyone wants to find me I'll be pacing circles around the Consulo.

[more muffled curses, then the PDA clicks off]


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