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Okay, NEWS FLASH. Yes, I'm upset about the mistletoe thing, as everyone should be, but it's not because of the kissing. I'm going to assume whoever did this is merely stupid and not actively malicious, because ha ha, harmless funny joke... anywhere but here.

Your cute little joke is DANGEROUS.

Thing one, it's FREAKING COLD here. Someone could very easily get caught outside unawares, maybe they left their PDA in their other coat pocket, and then they FREEZE TO DEATH before anyone finds them.

More importantly, thing two- we don't have cuffs anymore and NOT EVERYONE HERE IS NICE. As evidenced by the recent probable kidnappings I'm sure you all have noticed. I don't know about you, but I don't appreciate being held immobile waiting for one of two hundred strangers to find me, any one of which could be an AXE MURDERER.

...So thanks a lot pal, way to think things through. I hope you come to your senses before someone gets hurt.
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