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Honestly, how stupid can people be? After everything else that's happened here, what do you do when you see a strange piece of fruit just lying around? ...I dunno, but you don't pick it up and eat it!

...But thanks very much to those who did anyway, you made fine guinea pigs. Once I could see that nothing bad was happening to anybody, I had several. ...Thanks also to whoever left them lying around and didn't drug them. They were delicious~! ...And the only fresh fruit I've had in a while.

Is anybody else concerned by the slow dwindling of our food supplies? After that big battle with the Keepers several weeks ago, I'm not sure the Indigeo's coming back. And the Warden said even if it does... the Keepers might do something to it, and it might not be so friendly anymore. But the point is, we've been on our own for a while now, and we don't know what's gonna happen in the future. We may be looking at slow starvation here. Unless the Warden can bring in food with his new Consulo? ...Does it even work that way? I don't think food has the same sort of energy signature as people.

...Or maybe some of our magical comrades who can appear food out of nowhere will step up and feed the populace. What do you say, guys~?

Speaking of the Keepers, the Warden, the Consulo, the Indigeo, the whole despotic regime... am I the only one who's worried the Keepers might not want the Warden to have his own Consulo? I mean, they did fire the guy, throw him in here with the rest of us... he's not a warden anymore, he's a prisoner, and maybe they won't want him to have shiny toys. I keep expecting them to swoop down and destroy the thing. Not to mention I'm still jumpy about that whole snafu with the Keepers chasing the Indigeo and turning the Warden against us to try to flush it out. The Warden says they never caught the Indigeo. That conflict never really ended, it's still hanging over our heads, waiting to explode.

...This place makes me nervous.

[screened to Edward Elric//unhackable]

Hey Ed, any luck with those cuffs?

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