[Lesson 19]

Jan. 1st, 2009 07:59 pm
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So I guess Christmas happened while I was feeling under the weather... there's a whole pile of gifts in my living room. Uh... thanks? I didn't think I even knew this many people here....

Dom Santiago... actually, I didn't have a pair of these, thanks! Sweet of you to think of it~!

The rest of these I don't know who they're from, so....

Lingerie and candy canes... thanks, Secret Admirer~! Though apparently you admire a lot of people here. Well, sugar's always good and the lingerie's cute~... wonder if I'll ever have an occasion to wear it.

Whoever sent me the whiskey blending kit is my hero. Care to identify yourself and help me taste some of these~?

A dozen brownies, hell yes chocolate is always good... earplugs? Um, what? Thanks?

Coupon for free pole-dancing lessons, another universal gift I see... don't think I really need lessons, thanks~!

A bunch of sweets and tea and bath salts... really nice, thanks, whoever you are~!

This sorta brightly colored, dangly... uh... whatever it is... okay, I'm gonna go ahead and call this one. Ed, I sense your hand in this!

Dead trout wearing lipstick. Ew. Again, see I'm not the only one. Gee thanks, pal, you're so thoughtful.

And finally, THIS IS THE COOLEST GUN I HAVE EVER SEEN. ...What is it, and can you show me how to use it? I'm sort of afraid to touch the damn thing....

So uh... I didn't get anybody anything... feel free to requisition yourself something nice, and thank me later~.


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