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So I had a little chat with one of the Keepers... the Entropi in our midst are the Keepers by the way, so keep that in mind if you're thinking about attacking them. ...Not saying you should or shouldn't, that's up to you, but in case it makes a difference....

Anyway, it was difficult to get anything that made sense out of the thing, but the gist of what I understood was this: the Keepers were fighting the other Entropi up above us, and got their butts whooped. There's something wrong with them now, they're sick or injured or something. I presume there are still some Keepers up there fighting, seeing as how the enemy haven't swept down and destroyed us all yet. But I expect that could happen at any time.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this... whatever it is that's happened to us? ...Warden?! ...It seems to me that the people with the power to fight the Entropi had better have their power back before the battle gets here.

[screened to Shadow//unhackable]

...So it appears I'm telepathic now.

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[screened to Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV//unhackable]

Ed, I may need your help with something in a little bit, then again maybe not. Just... be ready when I call you, alright? And....

[Faye's voice starts to sound strange... is this the sound of Faye caring?]

...Look, if things start going bad, you come to my room, Ast-Okto in Building One, in my bedroom there's a hatch to a tunnel, it's dug pretty deep. Things get scary, you go straight there, you hear me Edward? Go as deep as you can, you might be safe underground. You can bring friends- ...Hell.


[Faye sounds subdued, and awkward]

...The Warden's made it clear that something is coming. It's probably the Entropi, but it's definitely something bad. I know everybody's getting organized, getting ready to fight- but some of us shouldn't be in a battlefield, much less fight on one. If the shit hits the fan and things get bad, and you need somewhere to go... in my room, Ast-Okto in Building One, I've got a tunnel dug that goes pretty deep. The hatch is in the floor in the bedroom on the right as you come in. ...I'm hoping it'll be safer underground, I dunno. Just... something to think about.


...For the rest of you... I dunno what kinda things people are working on, but, uh... anybody need some scrap metal? Bronze, iron, aluminum? Um. Just let me know.

((Faye hasn't realized Ed's gone yet, of course. ...She'll realize shortly. ^_^;; ))


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