[Lesson 6]

Nov. 3rd, 2008 08:27 pm
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Hey all you science types! Or magic types, I suppose, I don't know how you guys operate. ...Anyone tried analyzing the cuffs? Now that they can't knock us out for messing with them. It occurs to me we could learn something about Entropi technology, which could be useful. Also, is it just me, or are they made of the same stuff that wall is? We could try to find out what that stuff is and what its weaknesses are, which could also be useful. Seems to me they'd be safer to experiment on than the wall itself... I'm betting our Keepers wouldn't like that.
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[screened to Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV // totally hackable lol]

Edward, you know how to talk to sentient machines... I'm thinking of that satellite that was drawing doodles, back when you joined the crew.

Think you could talk to this Indigeo? It would be great if we could find out what's going on, where the Warden is, what the Keepers want, what their weaknesses are, where the Indigeo is... you know, whether we can help it, and it can help us. Give it a try, please? And let me know what you find out? I'll give you something good~!



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