Feb. 10th, 2009

lady_bounty: (angry/i keel j00/eye on the target)
[sounds highly annoyed]

Does anyone else find it highly inappropriate that the Warden has essentially threatened to kill me if I don't leave the building he wants to destroy?! That is so not okay! ...No. Screw it! I'm not leaving! It's a matter of principle, now. He needs to know he's not in charge anymore. I won't be bullied.

Warden, you bastard, I'm calling your bluff. If this one single spot is so damned special, you're going to have to bring the building down on me to get it.

[screened to Toph//unhackable]


...Don't suppose you'd be willing to help me out again with my, uh, project? It's looking like I may have to leap out of a crumbling building at the last minute, and it's not like I can take the damn thing with me....



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